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the year 300
        sweet fire sing
            to a primeval moon
                made of
              and all that is to be-
            of our dreamers and dancers,
            when earth has not yet fully
            unfurled. Can you
          feel a melody lift over the wilds,
                          through the spring fields,
                          through rivers and oceans,
:iconkyanitearcher:KyaniteArcher 1 4
the dust never settles
                   the dust never settles
                  in these
                 always drifting, shifting;
           scattered by the wind
          searching for a place
                   to call
:iconkyanitearcher:KyaniteArcher 2 0
think back, my dear
Think back, my dear;
can you remember,
remember the sprawling fields of years ago?
The gentle hums of farm vehicles as they roll on by
through sweet summer lanes        
                         and white fences long gone.
Do you remember the untroubled laughter of the river
and the songs she sang along with the birds?
                         among the hares and the youngest deer, their noses twitching,
                         warming the morning air with their breath,
and, oh, the ivy curling its way around tall resplendent pillars like tendrils reaching for the sky- whereupon shone an equally loving sun, turning all it touched to gold?
Well now the bulldozers have moved in, the people and the bustling roads of pavement (never just soft dirt, no), the veranda looks forlor
:iconkyanitearcher:KyaniteArcher 1 2
           i want it to taste like
                     dew on the spider-webs of six in the morning,
                   weathered wood, our breath fogging up
                     red-leafed air.
                   the blush of an apple in the autumn.
                   wet roads, windscreens.
          you and me,
          mugs of tea on a long country road.
:iconkyanitearcher:KyaniteArcher 3 3
the sun set early
              the sun fights its way through a heavy blanket
                    of fog-soldiers weary, hanging,
                 makes the valley look like the dust settles
                  over the saigon of '62.
:iconkyanitearcher:KyaniteArcher 1 2
in maths
you know,
at first i drew her pretty,
like you said.
i drew her with eager eyes and
a dentist's dream smile,
and her eyebrows perfectly
but she didn't looked complete.
and, you know,
the more i fixed the lines i made,
the more i erased,
the more i tried to make her
look like a daydream-
her eyes turned dark
and her lips sharpened.
- the more she turned into something
:iconkyanitearcher:KyaniteArcher 2 8
a boy before
                he tried his best
                        to kiss
               the sallow of my
                        the graze on my arm
                       and the bruise
                                  on my thigh,
                                      but i guess i couldn't mention
:iconkyanitearcher:KyaniteArcher 1 0
"so yeah. we hired a van,
packed our bags and drove down south,"
he said. "me, jasper, ryan, uh, that gang,
about eight, nine of us,
got down to donnybrook and this motorbike came along
and just,"
he motioned with his hands-
"crashed straight into the windshield."
sophie flinched. "what?"
"well yeah. anyways,
none of us were hurt,
i don't even know how that happened,
and that guy just stares at us all
disoriented like,
he glances across and her eyes flick
back at him,
and he swallows.
the ground was muddy beneath his feet-
it had rained for the first time in months
that thursday. "and he's sitting there next
to his motorbike,
just fucking sitting there and
he's laughing his head off,"
he turns, watches her again-
how could he not?- and he caught
her lips hanging
a millimetre between them,
a perfect
the light shifted.
and for a moment she stared back unashamedly,
and he could feel his heart
in his fingers,
if he could give it to h
:iconkyanitearcher:KyaniteArcher 1 0
there breathes a man
             back when they were in high school,
                   cody caught the bus
                         further than anyone else,
                    to a line of run-down tenements
                    running the base of the hills like ants.
                    it was the autumn of twenty-sixteen
                       when he plucked up the courage to take her home.
                  he held her hand tight as they got off the seventy-one c,
                                    the only
:iconkyanitearcher:KyaniteArcher 1 0
curtains, candles
cold hands
:iconkyanitearcher:KyaniteArcher 2 0
an american love
a life in twenty days
and i keep thinking of streetlights, manhattan and apartments,
and this world that brought us so close,
so close i cradled your heart
in these cold-bare arms
and it thawed the winter away.
this love is like a slow dance,
warm and sweet and soft,
the last of the evening when the stars are
so low in the sky,
they send you straight to sleep.
whenever i think of you,
i can't imagine us in this red country,
this stricken country which we call home,
keeping company with
the loneliest nights that man could find
because, darling,
you are my home.
:iconkyanitearcher:KyaniteArcher 1 0
how english
this little town,
:iconkyanitearcher:KyaniteArcher 2 0
             your voice is a half-broken radio signal,
                                   a poem part formed.
                    sitting on a single bed and
                        your sentences,
                they slide off at the ends
                                and soar into thinness and
                                   you let them drift away,
                    hoping she'll grasp your voice,
                hoping she'll understand.
:iconkyanitearcher:KyaniteArcher 2 0
Winter II
             a lake fringed by bluebells in the deep of winter,
               frost carvings around the flowers, ice sculptures in the woods.
           animal tracks set in ice-encrusted snow.
                    a lake, young surface, yet with lightning-struck fractures,
              frost-bitten fingers that intertwine, clandestine,
                                                animal claws scrabble for air.
              winter sets all to sleep, some with a song,
                 some without warning, a storm in dark woods,
               snow as a blanke
:iconkyanitearcher:KyaniteArcher 4 5
HaikuWriMo- Feb 2014
Day One
I keep books: words
that never fail to make me
Day Two
Fresh autumn leaf-piles,
dancing breezes sweep cotton clouds.
Hear the young one's joy.
Day Three
In these corridors,
memories crowd my unused ears.
I have never left.
Day Four
December schooldays
and walks down that old scorched road,
a stream of worn shoes;
If we try and leave them, they
won't be easily forgotten.
Day Five
The wilted grass stirs
when winter sends its rain- try,
keep this in your mind.
Day Six
Stately rivers run,
bending, shifting over time-
and we must shift, too.
Day Seven
Sir, we never came
to talk about bitter ends.
We always march on.
Day Eight
Early morning sun
warms voices wafting through halls-
this school brought to life.
Day Nine
New day, a stone's throw
to a silent horizon,
beyond resting hills.
Day Ten
:iconkyanitearcher:KyaniteArcher 4 20
A Nonet of November
:iconkyanitearcher:KyaniteArcher 3 13

Random Favourites

Roleplay: The Secret of Shadow Forest, Basic Story
The Secret of the Shadow Forest

-written by dgmnfangirl080, also known as xEndergirlx-
-The Characters in this story belong all to their rightful owners.-
-Minecraft belongs all to Notch, Herobrine (the real one) and Mojang-
-And at last, this text is Open-Story! Feel free to share your ideas and expand the storyline!-

Trap trap trap-crunch.
The girl flinched at the sound of the breaking twig, but didn't stop to run. The unconsciousness boy on her back was extremly heavy. Yep, he should really make a diet. The sun was about to come up when she reached the great plains. Enderchild growled as she put him down next to the others and lent back until hearing a comfortable crack. She was sure that she'll get problems with her back. After all, she was at least 110 years old – she stopped counting.
That was the problem with being undead. Stupid Spark of Life. Stupid Herobrine.
Why couldn't he just let her rest in peace? Bu
:icondgmnfangirl080:dgmnfangirl080 7 83
Roleplay: The Secret of Shadow Forest, a MC fanfic
Secret of the Shadow Forest
Written by dgmnfangirl080, also known as xEndergirlx
Basic: People may confuse it with the yogscast's 'Shadow of Israphel', but the story is TOTALLY different.
Main Protagonists: -ALL TAKEN!!! max. three random players, maybe a dog, too. Their names are:
-Kayzel Snipe
Nice, aren't they?
Other 'good' people:
- Traitors (Face Heel turn = from good to bad; not too many plz, 3 at the max)
names are:
-Khech Oxzar
-Roland Contilious
        - Helpful Villagers. They should have always at least one or two quests open for the heroes; 3 at the max
-Jembo Criture
-The White Ninja of the North
        - 1-2 Blacksmithes for tools, aromour, etc. TAKEN!!!
        - 1-2 Wizards for potions and enchanting
-Mithral (pronoun
:icondgmnfangirl080:dgmnfangirl080 13 474
Link by DC9spot Link :icondc9spot:DC9spot 1,967 92 Link by ErnestoVladimir Link :iconernestovladimir:ErnestoVladimir 1,978 588 ssbb: link and pikachu by Midna01 ssbb: link and pikachu :iconmidna01:Midna01 3,757 403 Hiccup loves Astrid part 1 by secondlina Hiccup loves Astrid part 1 :iconsecondlina:secondlina 1,647 228
we're traveling
    at the speed of light
and we won't stop for nothing
           (there are no br(e)akes
           in this vehicle called life)
so let's keep going until we can
     reach the far edges of the universe
     where the blackness seeps into your skin and
     you passed the last star a couple thousand
                                          light years ago;
and return home to each other as
    old folks who've aged nothing but
       gained knowledge of all the
            mousetraps of the cosmos
:iconforestmeetwildfire:forestmeetwildfire 165 78
minecraft by poke-may-drew1313 minecraft :iconpoke-may-drew1313:poke-may-drew1313 4,830 0 Minecraft by sklare Minecraft :iconsklare:sklare 2,298 376 eye tutorial by mirukawa eye tutorial :iconmirukawa:mirukawa 8,621 218 Faeries Ruin Doodles by KaliKuks Faeries Ruin Doodles :iconkalikuks:KaliKuks 17 22
The Rumour of Icarus
there is a rumour that your father killed you, that
he bent your wings until they broke and then
told you, "Fly."
If this rumour is true, then it lives in the throats of
those fragile boys who wear your death like Cain's mark,
whose tender hands split like swollen tomatoes when
they pluck strangled seabirds, whose
arms slump beneath the weight of their father's genius.
And this rumour lives on
the under-skin of their eyelids so that when they die
or simply sleep
they dream of their fathers
or maybe just of Daedalus, standing with
his hands full of feathers and wax,
their blood-flecked down under his fingernails.
your face is gone, icarus, you are a warning & a tragedy &
the patron saint of boys who will not listen but also you are a god, icarus,
a god to these boys and still, when you fell—
said Bruegel in oils, Auden and Williams in verse—
no one gave a damn.
But Icarus—
they also say that your father strained the sunlight into an amphora
and told you, "Dri
:iconopus-t:Opus-T 396 104
Toon zelda for Amelia by Midna01 Toon zelda for Amelia :iconmidna01:Midna01 2,767 324 ZELDA by kowan ZELDA :iconkowan:kowan 3,195 286 Pit by demon-squid Pit :icondemon-squid:demon-squid 89 10





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